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I Sell ‘Future Memories’

Private all sports lake – Fenton Michigan,  NE Livingston County
LS 2

You & your guests can enjoy our private all sports Lake Shannon with the many clubs and annual activities including water ski shows, fireworks, and island gatherings.  There are a number of accessible islands and swim parks, beaches and cooking areas. Indeed a great place to live!

Still a resident, growing up here ‘I remember’ many lakeside gatherings at our house, sand and pine needles, wet feet, watching sunsets as they changed, Sunday afternoon walks with dad, snorkeling, the `ol raft, and company sitting on the deck. Those old orange life jackets have been replaced with fancier ones but its still the same warm feeling to come home to. Extra guest towels are on hand …. and the sunsets are still like an oil painting – all year, every day. ‘I remember’, and continue to enjoy.

 ‘You’ll remember too’….for years to come.

2  Generations of  Real Estate Brokerage & Lake Residency

My family moved to the lake summer of `62… new lake, new house, new me. Our family has offered Lake Shannon Buyer / Seller Representation since 1969 ! Take a quick tour:  here. Many more videos & photos available for our clients.

Some ‘FUTURE MEMORIES’ our lake offers:

  • A grand fireworks show over the water and holiday ski show is only the beginning.
  • Sportsman’s Club activities: wild game dinner, ice fishing contest, Easter egg hunt, progressive dinner, canoe trip, family picnic day, lap around Shannon, outdoor concert, road rallys.
  • Ski Club activities: use of jump, slalom course – ski team, shows, clinics: for trick, barefoot, wakeboarding, slalom, jump, and show skiing.
  • Annual garage sales, card clubs, and other local activities as announce by flyers and announcement boards at lake entrances.
  • Multiple Facebook areas: for clubs, social posts, business/ news posts.
  • Property owners broadcast emailing group where referrals are exchanged, personal notices are shared with extended lake family, and FYI’s update our community.

Remember – to see us on the lake.

Area lakes I’ve help folks move from include Lake Oakland, in Clarkston, Sherwood in Milford, Silver Lake & Ponemah in Fenton, Lobdell in the Linden area, Marl, Byrum, White Lake, Duck Lake, Wolverine Lake & Chemung in Howell.

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  1. Maggie permalink
    March 29, 2010 6:02 pm

    I was looking at this site under rentals, and it is requiring a log in. I don’t see how to sign up for one, or who to contact. If the administrator of this page would be kind enough to email me some information, I would be most grateful.


    (I lived on Lake Shannon for 16+ years and was part of the water ski team for many years. Best childhood ever, and such a fantastic lake!)

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