Life is not over w/ financing turmoil

Daily I’m assisting folks that think “the notice” from the bank is the end.  Actually, there are many options available for the owner, each with different ramifications to your

  • income tax situation
  • property tax situation
  • credit score

and so on. If you are not aware of them, let chat. Along with your buy/sell transaction, I’ll be not only addressing some of these deeper aspects with you, I’ll also be giving you credit toward free & included services from a skilled CPA’s & a licensed property tax assessor to keep your current and future governmental “gotcha” moments at a minimum.

Buying, selling, and renting your property is indeed a major financial transaction. Are you considering the consequences BEFORE taking a course of action ? Are you structuring the buy/sell/lease to minimize the multiple taxation issues ?…specifically:

  • transfer taxes
  • property taxes – today and down the line
  • personal/corporate income taxes
  • changing/new insurable risks being covered
  • and title insurance costs as they relate to the structuring of the transaction

Let me know how I can help, having been at the lake since 1962 I have a few thoughts and ideas always available to assist you.

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