Ice is out, water level is up, now what ?

Drop us a line to make sure the beach, yard, and remodeling services you are using qualify to be FREE services. If you’ve retained us under a buyer &/or seller brokerage agreement, past and future home care services may be included free, along with your choice of CPA’s we work with to insure advice we give is carried to your income & property tax paper filings.

Have a large commercial insurable risk ? We have the referral for you ! He’s board chair of the MI Assoc. of CPA’s raised at Lake Shannon skiing the jump, slalom course, and running the trails on his motorcycle, none other than – my brother. Yes he plays a good golf game but as past MACPA Insurance Task Force board chair he knows his industry, licensed in over 35 states & specializing in automotive industry & marketing.

Have a great spring !

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