The Power Turn – not for show! (or, don’t try this at home).


  • The quickest why to spin an inboard ski boat 180 degrees just like a jetski, Seadoo, or other PWC. If pulling skier, you’re using a center mounted ski tow bar.
  • This was the traditional opening of many ski shows. Two boats driving toward each other, they pass, spin, and pass again.


  • This is the technique to get back to a skier asap if they take a bad spill.
    • I’ve used it to get back to a jumper that hit the safety wall, one that had his helmet cover his face after ‘fanny dunking’, and as a quick pickup to a stroke victim that didn’t want to give up skiing (we decided to retire dad’s slalom after his first fall) .
  • “…. If you have to return to your fallen rider quickly because they appear to be injured or in distress, a power turn may be the best way to get there quickly.
  • You might also have a situation in which your rider appears to be in danger because of approaching boat traffic that would require you to get back to him or her quickly.
  • In these situations, power turning is not only acceptable, but probably a good idea….”


  • Get up to enough speed to spin the boat…if you are a rookie, start slow. You will however need enough speed to make the boat be able to actually spin
  • Cut the throttle while spinning the wheel hard and quick
  • Then after the spin hit the throttle quickly enough or the displaced water will swamp the rear end passengers …and your boat. If you simply spin it and don’t accelerate out of ‘the hole’ the boat will rock. If you sit in ‘the hole’ with too much of a load, you’ll take on water – believe me I’ve done it!



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