Home Care Series ~ Really Cold Outside? Turn Heat UP, not Down!

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If you have neighbors in older homes they tend to have hot water heat – so exterior pipes! Remind them and anyone else that may have hot water heat that its best in extreme cold to turn heat UP, not down.

The furnace cycles on/off and when off, water stops moving. The temp at the outside wall will be some average of outside air and the setting on the thermostat. e.g.: Set on 65, outside is -5 then that temp could be under freezing! This is especially true near doors, on the windy side of the house, and where pipes pass thru walls/ floors.

  1. Open closet doors.
  2. Allow inside air access to pipes as much as possible.
  3. Move obstruction from near pipes.
  4. Know where the water shut off and/ or well shut off is (and a wet vac should things turn ugly).

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