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  1. A lifelong local. I ski the Anibal Group LLC Lake Shannon 2lake, boat the waters, bike the trails, blade the roads and know your new neighbors.  Here since 1962!
  2. YourSpace24/7 client portal. No one else gives you 24/7 access to your file to interact, look at personal updates, docs, files, spreadsheets & communications. This invaluable tool allows us both to review your file real-time, simultaneously – forget sorting emails. Out-of-area decision makers love it! Quick access to shared data.
  3. What else do you need? Just Ask:

    • Valuation spreadsheets to help you evaluate,
    • info sheets,
    • tax data,
    • lake comp’s, 
    • video tours,
    • builders, landscapers? get quotes/ opinions/ and even rebates on their services used before or after sale.
  4. Ask how to qualify for perks like:
    • an assigned CPA to consult with,
    • arborist services,
    • lakefront, remodeling, or landscape services.
  5. Post-purchase assistance like yard care/ snow removal/ dock & hoist installation available as well.

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‘Making Lake Memories’ – Anibal Group LLC – 2 generations, brokerage/ residency.

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