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When you retain me with a Buyer Agreement as your broker of choice, you can expect:

  1. Personal familiarity with the lake – I moved here in 1962 ! I ski the Lake_Shannon.net_brokerlake, bike the trails, blade the roads and know many local residents. No other active resident agent or broker has lived and worked here longer.
  2. YourSpace24/7, an EXCLUSIVE TO US 24/7 online portal with your files & communications. Invaluable tool to look at your file doc’s simultaneously without having to search through emails. Especially helpful when relatives and other associated parties are in different locations…e.g. out of town decision makers, family, inspectors, contractors, lenders, appraisers, etc.
  3. In your online portal you may have: Document/ info sheets, tax data, lake comp’s, etc. 
  4. Lake videos/ tours, feedback interviews with builders/ landscapers. Documents from inspectors/ appraisers – tools useful for local and distant buyers.
  5. Some transactions include CPA consulting &/or landscape services for a quick upgrade to your yard or perhaps yard care/snow removal/dock installation, and lake resident builder/remodeling services!

Who can provide a greater knowledge bank, greater interest in assisting you, and quicker response times than a resident?


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