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Quick outline of how I connect Buyers and Sellers:

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  • THE NUMBER 1 DIFFERENCE IN US vs THEM:  Definitely NOT PLUG N PLAY/ PICS n MLS!  I’ll do HUNDREDS of STEPS to market YOUR property, direct buyer to YOUR dedicated site, using dedicated signage about YOUR listing, and all the eyes see ONLY YOUR LISTING, not ‘click bate’, not a sub page on our website.
  • MLS & ‘magazine’ sites via FULL SELLER CONTROL OF On/ Off/ Timing options.
  • Dedicated neighborhood website.
    • Selling the area experience.
  • A ‘property specific’ site.  See example 1  See example 2.

  • A ‘property specific’ social page(s). See example now.
  • ‘Property specific’ search engine campaigns. e.g. Bing/ Google.
  • ‘Property specific’ yard sign.
  • Open house sign/ directional signs.
  • ‘Property specific’ mailing.
  • Photos/ Videos – displayed in order desired, not ‘auto-populated’ into ‘magazine sites’.
  • What they don’t see. I will put your property using proven selective reveal in the ‘magazines’. I ‘focus market’, & your valuable information is dispensed carefully, not ‘auto populated everywhere and anywhere as virtually all others do, giving buyers more of an advantage!


  • All realtime showing & feedback history/ details are seller accessible 24/7.
  • A detailed pre-listing valuation analysis. This is NOT a 5 minute ‘CMA’. The spreadsheet is accessible anytime from YourSpace & is updated as appropriate.
  • Photos & notes re: ‘what to do to get ready’.
  • Private YourSpace247 portal of communications to make buying your home as easy as possible! Here’s the exclusive to our brokerage 24/7 YourSpace247 portal you’ll have for your files and communications.
  • You’ll have access to, document flow outline.
  • Update posts (cc: emailed to you). Postings include ‘whats next’.
  • Stats/ ‘hits’/ visits to:
    • A ‘property specific’ site.
    • A ‘property specific’ social page.
    • ‘Property specific’ search engine campaigns. e.g. Bing/ Google.
  • ‘Feedback form’ feedback from showings.
  • Contractor referral list to help get and keep your property in order.


Goal: sellers (you) and buyers a BEST experience, minimum effort!

  1.,, and is the only dedicated Lake Shannon site – not a ‘sub-domain’.
  2. Want to discuss marketing outline for your property?

‘Making Lake Memories’ – Anibal Group LLC – More, Way More! 2 generations, brokerage/ residency.

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