Get a FREE MASSAGE at the 4/28 ‘Team Aiden’ walk/run.

Supporting is your Lake Shannon answer to a long day on the water. A free post run/walk massage is yours for the taking ! ... all tips go to Aiden! All supported & matching causes:  


Lake Shannon is NOT heated

Yes, that's hard ice on one side of Parkwood Dr and an open lake on the other! Don't forget to visit our Free Massage booth at the finish line of the 4/28 5k run/walk . All tips go to Aiden! Still supporting All supported & matching causes:

The Power Turn – not for show! (or, don’t try this at home).

What: The quickest why to spin an inboard ski boat 180 degrees just like a jetski, Seadoo, or other PWC. If pulling skier, you're using a center mounted ski tow bar. This was the traditional opening of many ski shows. Two boats driving toward each other, they pass, spin, and pass again. Why: This [...]