Tours: by street

Tour the lake a number of different ways !

  1. Request a ‘by boat’ or ‘by car’ video tour.
  2. On Google
  3. On Bing: Take an aerial tour of the lake.
  4. Lake Shannon Fenton MI Anibal Group LLCGet a virtual house by house road & lake tour from your web device! Compare streetscapes and beachfronts. Get a feel for settings & typography. See property adjacent &/or across from properties of interest. This is available after you complete the Buyers Interest Survey, and we have working agreement & proof of funds on file. Other content available: exhaustive history of sold data, tax data, etc. See most every home. A modest retainer gives even further services.

  1. Parks, Islands & Lake Life
  2. Parkwood Drive & Court
  3. Ore Knob & Court
  4. Ledgewood Drive:
    • Ledgewood Drive – Part I
    • Ledgewood Drive – Part II
  5. Driftwood Drive:
    • Driftwood Drive – Part I
    • Driftwood Drive – Part II
  6. Cliffwood Drive
  7. Dean Road
  8. Lake Shannon Court
  9. Surfwood / Sandwood/ Linden/ Faussett
  10. the Islands / the Parks

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