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For ‘Coming Soon’, contact me below to get started on reserving your memory making home.


Ready to enjoy private access & 272 acres of all-sports Lake Shannon? The ski shows, fireworks, and islands, swim parks … who will you invite over? A great place to live!

Private, all-sports Lake Shannon – Fenton Michigan,  NE Livingston County

Many multi-generation residents. My family has a 4th generation enjoying this lake. When you are ready … to make memories, ask me anything!  Appointments  | Share Your Wish List 

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  1. I was looking at this site under rentals, and it is requiring a log in. I don’t see how to sign up for one, or who to contact. If the administrator of this page would be kind enough to email me some information, I would be most grateful.


    (I lived on Lake Shannon for 16+ years and was part of the water ski team for many years. Best childhood ever, and such a fantastic lake!)

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