Lake Shannon Videos – West End series.

Excerpt from our Lake Shannon – West End tours series.

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The Boat Launch Blues …. don’t be a victim!

Lakefront property owners, its easy to forget the basics.

  1. Put the plug back in BEFORE dropping boat in the water.
  2. Make sure strap it tight holding the boat on the trailer.
  3. Set the parking brake AND put vehicle in park on the launch site. E-Brake first if you want to save your transmission stress.
  4. Before ‘firing’ up the boat, check your fuel lines for age/cracks, tight battery connections (no sparks), bilge is dry/drained, and inboard hood is UP/OPEN.
    • NOTE FOR PWC owners – treat your PWC like an in-board. Folks have blown these up sending the rider straight up then down with tragic endings.

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